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Formed in 1985 by Billy Salmon and Anthony Carite, Midnight Hero blasted onto the Philadelphia music scene and almost immediately became weekend regulars at area clubs and venues.  During the winter of 1986, the 2 were fortunate enough to acquire the services of Scott Culver and Michael Reeve.  Together, the 4 would create a nucleus that remains intact to this day, almost 2 decades later.   In no time, they were constructing their own style of hard driving, straight ahead rock with a purely melodic sound which remains uniquely their own.  Midnight Hero blends rich, powerful vocals and guitar work worthy of notice and respect in any music community.  Combined with a powerful bottom end that is in sync like a set of cannons, the result is nothing short of spectacular.  Their music remains as relevant today as it was in 1989.  More important than their individual talents is the fact that they remain 4 of the closest friends.  All 4 still believe wholeheartedly in what they're doing.

In 1988 the band signed its first recording contract with Wolfe Records, and spent the next 9 months in the recording studio laying down the tracks for the bands first full length record entitled: “The First Offense”. While the recording of their own project was underway, the band was approached to contribute one of their songs to a compilation project sponsored by radio station WGLS in New Jersey.  “Easy Come, Easy Go” was chosen for the recording which would become known as the Street Heroes CD.

Early on, area club goers on any given weekend could regularly find the band at local nightspots as well as other colleges, theaters and venues too numerous to name here.

In the Fall of 1993, Midnight Hero LIVE was released.  MH Live marks the group’s first attempt at a live album.  The songs were recorded over a 7 day span of shows in Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

Although calling Philadelphia, Pennsylvania home, Midnight Hero spent the better part of a decade as a touring machine routinely making stops in just about every major city in the United States. 

In 2004 the band was asked to appear at a reunion show  featuring local and national acts.  The resulting  festival was attended by thousands over two days. The response to the band was a heart warming one. Later that summer the guys signed on to play the Garrison Lake Summer Festival with 11 other acts from the era. Shortly after the summer festival show, the band took advantage of the opportunity to record their current project with Kevin Lupe at New Vintage Studios. The full length CD entitled MHII is a combination of some older favorites and some brand new material from Midnight Hero.

Upon its completion in late 07, a friend of the band from Canada, Joe Sokoloski, made contact with Sam McCaslin of Retrospect Records out of Las Vegas. After listening to the new project, the band was immediately signed to their current record contract. Midnight Hero II will be marketed throughout the United States and 25 or so other countries around the world.  Retrospect Records is the world’s largest AOR record label and is solely dedicated to preserving 80’s style hard rock. Formed in 2003, Retrospect Records has released over 200 albums as of July of 2007. 

Billy, Anthony, Scott and Michael  thank everyone for their patronage and friendships over the years.  Without all of our friends, fans and acquaintances, Midnight Hero would be nothing more than an idea.  Because of you, it became much more than that.  It was a labor of love that started during a very special time in our lives and remains so to this day.  Thanks to you, we have been able to put our personal stamp, as modest as it may be, on that wonderful American art form known as rock and roll.  For that, we thank you.  Here’s to another couple of decades!  Cheers!